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Art schools as you know them

are no longer valid.


Everything is in the way you see things

The claim above stating that Art schools are outdated may seems a bit unsafe, but if you pay attention a bit closer on what compose the market, and how Art schools are paralyzing their students with static programs, you will surely share the same opinion. Usually, these programs are based on preconceived ideas of what a student need during his learning journey. That's why we exist. We exist to bring an answer to this problem.

Don't understand

us wrong

Traditional teaching still answer to a specific need.
But scientific studies have also shown that online learning can be as effective, if not more so, than traditional teaching. A study published in 2021 found that engaging students through interactive activities, discussions, feedback, and AI-enhanced technologies resulted in improved academic performance compared to traditional lectures. Another study revealed that remote users conducted experiments three times more frequently, completed assignments in 30% less time, and had over 200% improvement in scores when an online platform was integrated into mainstream learning.
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So ...

You can't base your decision process on only one factor or one statistic.
That would be a bit not reasonable.
You need other factors.
Your personal experience is a good example.
Let's imagine you are a beginner in art. You may have tried some courses on youtube, met artist friend and compared some of your technics with them. Or you may be an experienced artist with ten years of experience.
Do you think both of these artists would have the same learning process ?
Surely no. Both of you need an educativ system that adapt to your needs insteand of making you learn useless knowledges you would forget or never use in your entire lifetime.

It's all about theorizing correctly

Lot of students may wonder why they would spend money to learn a specific aspect of knowledge instead of simply investing little bit of time to seek these knowledge on Youtube, google or even worst : some courses site that hack premium courses.
If you are one of these students that's normal
You don't know what is the impact of good structured theory vs random seeking on the internet.
Let's take an example of your personal experience Don't you think your parents could make you learn basic mathematic, basic languages vocabulary instead of sending you to a standard school or even better one of the best ranked school ? of course they could. But they didn't. If you want to learn about something, the best way to ensure success is to have key concepts, structured data and a way to learn that is proven to be efficient. And that's exactly what we do in Asheslearn.

Forget about old models

the world has changed, moreover art is not an exception, it has changed also.
One good study of the website Plos one conducted an analysis about how Digital art changed art and how it’s perceived by the crowd on a consequent sample of ten years (2001 – 2010 )

More than 270000 artworks has been studied in their analysis and few interessant conclusions has been made. First of all, a subtle change has been observed for values, saturation and variability of brushstroke / values in digital art. Another of these conclusions indicate that a consequent number of sub-categories appeared in the last decade for both digital and traditional art. (Vector art, body painting, 3D painting, Fractals, pixel-art and so more … )

The modern art produced digitally also mark itself with variability in it’s size and proportion. This is an interesting manifestation of the key difference in materials of traditional and digital media. The first uses physical surfaces such as paper and canvases. The second uses malleable pixels and vectors, so an artist can change size and proportions of her artwork in any time.

statistic about art

What is different with us ?


Our community is singular. It may not be wide and big, but it is qualitative, highly engaged and connected through all it’s layers. Whether you want to talk to a developer of our team, a teacher of your friend or create a group to attack a project, we are aiming to achieve a high quality human experience.

Creative way to offer quizz

don’t open the door for another adventure unless you’re really sure to learn a consequent number of things. We refuse that the tragedy of school repeat itself over and over again in our new system. Test yourself first, subscribe after. 


Don’t study something you don’t need or you will not use along your career. We structure our programs with what you need, not what you may need. 

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